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Rent Apartments in Kiev Vs Hotels


Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine is well known for its interesting and old history. The political conditions have been very uncertain in Ukraine for a very long time. This discouraged tourism and business to develop in Kiev. However, after the formation of coalition government in 2007, the political conditions became somewhat stable creating an encouraging environment for trade and commerce. The beautiful climate of Kiev and its mysterious and interesting history has made it an emerging tourist spot. One of the best options for staying are rented apartment in Kiev.

With a view to encourage tourism and get more foreign exchange to develop the economy, the government has relaxed the immigration policies so that more and more tourists are now encouraged to visit Kiev. The relaxation in immigration policies has also improved trade facilities and more and more businessmen feel safe and excited about developing trade relations with Kiev. If you are planning a long vacation in Kiev or if you are planning a business trip to Kiev which could require a long stay then it is advisable to take apartments in Kiev for rent rather than staying in a hotel. It is important to understand why staying in a rental apartment is more beneficial than staying in a hotel. For this we need to do a comparative study between the same.

Generally, accommodation Kiev apartment for rent provide you with a large bedroom, a living room which has all the modern amenities ranging from a well-furnished sitting arrangement to television, high speed internet connection, air condition and heaters for winters, etc. The apartments also have well-equipped kitchen with almost all modern day kitchen appliances including oven, gas stove, and refrigerator. The entire set up gives you a feeling of a home even in a city not known to you. The cleaning and laundry facilities are generally available in a good Kiev apartment rent.

In a hotel there is generally a room with an attached bath. This can never parallel the feeling of a set up which is almost like a home. Also apartments have the capacity to accommodate up to six people even if there is a single bedroom; however in a hotel not many people can stay in one room. There are also time restrictions for room service and food supply in a hotel. As opposed to this, Kiev apartments are almost like your home where you can cook and live as per your own chosen time and convenience. If you are on a vacation or a business trip and concerned about your health because of the food served or because of a change in taste then a rented accommodation is the right choice for you. The room rent in a hotel is more expensive if you are planning to stay for a long time since the rent does not include charges for food, cleaning or laundry.

A rented Kiev apartment on the other hand turns out to be a more reasonable option for a long stay. However, do not assume that taking a rented apartment would mean that you will have to compromise on the luxury and comfort. There are budget and luxury apartments available with different facilities. Some luxury apartments have personal swimming pools and gymnasiums. All you have to do is search for the kind of apartment on the internet you are looking for and book it online.

Look for accommodation in Kiev apartments, which are well connected to almost all parts of the city. Depending on your budget you could choose the location in which you wish to stay. It has been observed that apartments located in the central part of the city are comparatively less expensive. Do not forget to book car in advance for pick up from the airport since the local cabs are expensive. Plan your trip well in advance and get an experience of a lifetime.

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Ukraine Woman – What Makes Them Look For Love Abroad?


These facts partially explain why so many Ukraine women are looking for relationships abroad. It is not that there are no men in their native country; they simply want to start a new and better life.

Ukraine is relatively big compared to many of the other European countries. It became part of the huge Soviet Union with all positive and negative effects of this and officially became a separate republic in 1991. During the Soviet years and the bad governmental politics, the country faced big challenges and problems.

Private property was limited and any private initiative was banned. Later the new government could not deal with the modern economy tempo and the country sank to poverty. Even today the political situation is unclear and most people are not satisfied with their governors.

Typically a Ukraine woman is well educated and speaks more than two languages. The country is bilingual and people speak both Ukrainian and Russian. In the last years English, German and other western languages are taught at school too. Young women go to university as soon as they finish high school. There are many good specialists especially in the National Taras Shevchenko University Of Kyiv and National Technical University Of Ukraine Kiev Polytechnic Institute – both leaders in professional education.

Unfortunately good education does not guarantee a job in an economy pressed by inflation and limited investments. You will be surprised to learn how many girls take their bachelor or masters degrees in science, economy or philology, only to become waitresses or shop assistants working literally for pennies on the dollar. Naturally girls are disappointed and want to go abroad where they can put their knowledge into practice and be respected by their employers.

Usually these women have already been abroad. There are many companies which hire people for the so called Work & Travel Summer Programs – young people from the universities are given the chance to work as washers, cleaners or maids in big restaurants or hotel chains in the United States, UK or Spain.
Though these jobs are not prestigious, every normal girl prefers them because they are better paid than a manager position in their local country. A popular slogan from ad-campaign of those Work & Travel says: We are looking for a maid with a salary of a boss.

Women who have not been abroad on the other hand have heard a lot about the life there. They may have relatives of friends who have moved to western countries and they are also looking for the right match abroad. In addition they are feeling sick of local men who they know in detail, know their cheap tricks and attitude.

Of course love is not a mirage and the typical Ukraine woman will make everything possible to prove her feelings. These ladies are not that desperate and would not try to lie you that they like you if they do not. Indeed many of them are trying to get married abroad in order to have legal right to stay and work in the foreign country, but these are rare exceptions.

There is no intelligent woman on this planet who would take a step to marriage abroad if she does not have feelings for the man or if she believes that after the marriage she can simply take her visa and start her own life. However, you are the other side in this international relationship are and you can see how everything is going before asking her to marry you.

What happens next is up to you..

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Football Injuries and World Cup Qualification

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by Tox@

World Cup qualifying is now over, with eighteen gruelling months of international competition deciding who will be heading to Brazil next summer for the 2014 tournament. The play-off fixtures were set to be a fantastic spectacle of sport with some fantastic games awaiting the neutral fan and 180 minutes of nail biting for those with a vested interest.

The biggest matches of the World Cup Qualifiers had to be France versus Ukraine and Sweden versus Portugal, two successful teams with some world class players amongst them and with only two places available there would be two very unhappy nations. Portugal were not looking good in the early stages however reigned supreme with a 4-2 aggregate victory over the Swedish, whilst France triumphed over Ukraine 3-2 on aggregate.

In crunch games such as these every nation needs their best players on the pitch as they can make a difference. Without Ronaldo the chances of Portugal progressing past Sweden would have been very difficult. Football injuries can happen at any time and from an international footballing perspective invokes the club versus country row time and time again.

Common football injuries

Some football injuries are more common than others. In a high tempo sport such as football the majority of injuries typically occur in the lower body and can be categorised as either joint or muscle complaints differentiating between a sprained ankle and a hamstring injury. Regardless of where it may occur however the majority of sports injuries are as a result of overuse, where the body becomes tired which can increase the risk of injury.

One of the most common muscle injuries in the leg concerns the hamstring, a complaint also common amongst runners and sprinters. The hamstring muscle is located at the back of the leg and stretches from below the buttocks to just below the knee joint and is active during any activity where the knee joint is required to bend. The injury itself can range in its severity, from a minor muscle sprain to a full rupture of the muscle with recovery ranging from a few days to a few months.

From a joint perspective football injuries are focused on the knee and ankle with a variety of ways in which an injury can occur. When you consider that players pivot at speed on what can be a wet and uneven pitch it is easy to see why a sprained ankle or knee may occur. As it is a contact sport joint complaints can occur as a result of a bad challenge and as with muscle complaints the severity will ultimately dictate your overall recovery time.

Managing football injuries

The most important thing to remember when you experience an injury is to stop immediately and rest. Whilst you may be tempted to play through the pain and carry on it can do more harm than good and lead to further damage and a greater amount of time on the sidelines. In the professional game, when players flag football injuries they are invariably taken off the field as a precautionary measure so that they can be assessed and rested so that they can be back in action faster. If you’re enjoying a kick about with friends you won’t have the benefit of a physio on the sidelines monitoring your movements, so common sense must prevail.

As the majority of football injuries occur from overuse, as you become tired you should be aware of what you are capable of doing on the pitch and not to push yourself too much or put yourself in a position whereby an injury could occur. Sometimes your safety may not be your first thought when playing but you need to consider the repercussions of an injury.

Treatment of football injuries

Luckily, the majority of football injuries are self-limiting and will get better over time following rest. Ice can also be used to help manage any inflammation of the muscle or joint and can help with any pain experienced.

If after a few days of rest the injury does not appear to be getting better then it may be advisable to seek a professional diagnosis and visit your doctor as it may be more serious than first thought or they may be able to recommend a course of treatment for you, either physiotherapy, a sports brace or even surgery.

A physiotherapist will be able to assess the extent or your injury and work with you on your rehabilitation through strengthening exercises which can help you get back to action faster. A sports brace is typically worn in conjunction with other forms of treatment and whilst there are many different types they are designed in general to offer additional support to a weakened area of the body. Many also offer compressive technology to help with inflammation and pain and allow you to remain active for longer. Surgery is often a last resort due to the rehabilitation time required afterwards and should not be taken lightly.

Final Words

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional or enjoy playing once a week with friends, football injuries can hit everyone and whilst sometimes unavoidable it is your actions in the immediate aftermath which can determine how long you are likely to be out of action. Rest is the best cure for self-limiting injuries and should this not work then you should seek a professional diagnosis.

Dave Regis discusses the use of orthotics for the management of sports injuries, reviewing injury rehabilitation through exercise and the use of bracing and supports. He frequently blogs and writes articles focussing on football injuries and methods of rehabilitation.

Stability in Sunny Beach Points to Property Value Growth


2011 has ushered in a new period that has seen early stabilisation, and now growth. 2010 also saw an increase in the number of properties for sale, without much of a corresponding increase in sales closed. Of course, this led to the softening of prices, as there were more properties for sale in the market than there were buyers to purchase them. Simple supply and demand mechanics brought the prices down.

However, there has been a recent increase in the number of deals closed, and market watchers have noticed that property prices have held steady and, in some cases, actually begun to increase again. Interest has picked up in holiday apartments, many of which are clustered around the resort area of Sunny Beach. Sunny Beach properties that are well maintained and attractively priced are finding buyers. In fact, several properties have had more than one buyer wishing to purchase, something we have not seen since the beginning of this market downturn.

New buyers are eying the Sunny Beach real estate market, as well. Purchasers from Russia, the Ukraine, China, and Japan are all demonstrating interest in a market that has not been well represented before. Of course, additional buyers will begin to put pressure on the demand side of the equation, and since prices already appear to have stabilised, we should begin to see upward pressure within the next few months. There has already been a price increase of around 2% for apartments in Sofia, the capital city. While resort locations like Sunny Beach tend to lag behind the trends for primary residence ownership, they do follow them, so it should not be long before prices begin to rise for property in Sunny Beach.

The number of deals is already showing a slight increase, and prices have averaged between 500 and 1,300 (440 to 1150) per square metre. This is a slight decrease from 2009 and early 2010, but is virtually the same as the prior quarter this year, meaning that we have likely seen the bottom of the market. Now is likely the best time to investigate the purchase of property in Bulgaria, and specifically the Sunny Beach Black Sea location. With even more equity than ever in their primary residence from staying put during the downturn, buyers are now better credit risks than before the downturn and will be offered better loan terms, should they require a loan.

With property values holding steady or growing, now is the best time to look around and find a piece of paradise in Sunny Beach that can be your private getaway. Many of these properties can be let when you are not in Bulgaria, as well, bringing you a steady source of income throughout the year. Buy at the low point of the market and lock in your profits for tomorrow with the purchase of a lovely Sunny Beach property!

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Russian Girl Mail Order Bride


Dating personals singles russian bride a russian woman girl russia ukraine. Russian girls women ladies foreign bride search pretty girls who are interested in husbands, questions you can quickly search contact wonderful women from Russia Ukraine Belarus Moldova invitation to meet, meeting girls woman seeking man via marriage agency.

Why are some women looking for foreign husbands.

Ukrainian women do find love and happiness with many men, but statistically, there are three ladies for each young man, and that is the primary reason the women look for partners abroad.

Russian girls women ladies foreign bride search pretty girls who are interested in husbands, questions you can quickly search contact wonderful women from Russia Ukraine Belarus Moldova invitation to meet, meeting girls woman seeking man via marriage agency.

After nearly 80 years of Communist rule, the former Soviet Union – USSR has some of the most adaptable women anywhere in the world. By and large they know how to be a good wife and mother. The whole country culture teaches her highest fulfillment and joy in being a girlfriend, wife and mother. Travel tour visit Russia Ukraine Belarus tour have fun meeting date ladies girls making acquaintance friends learn a new language make a match older man younger women partner.

Many women are highly educated but can ultimately do little with their degree because, due to economic instability, it is a fairly hard for Russian / Ukrainian men to find a decent job and support a family. For this reason, many men are not in a hurry to marry and have that great responsibility.

There is another important reason for looking abroad… alcoholism. Many men find themselves hopeless when they cannot provide for their family and often turn to drinking. Although it does not occur in every family, it is quite common.

USSR women the image of a traditional Russian woman is usually portrayed on the base of literary and historical characters and figures. It is generally believed that a Russian woman will follow the love of her life anywhere, whether it is Siberia, the nether world, or the United States of America. However, any Natasha will obviously choose citizenship, if she faces love or citizenship choice.

On the other hand, deputy Nikolai Kuryanovich attracted the society’s attention, albeit in such a peculiar way, to a highly important problem of the national extinction. According the State Statistics Committee, the population of Russia has reduced by 1.8 million people in comparison with the results of the population census conducted in 1989. Demographers say that there will be only 101 million people living in Russia by 2050.

The explanatory note to the above-mentioned bill runs: The prohibition for Russian woman’s matrimonial relations with foreign men is based on the disastrous demographic situation in Russia. Contracting marriages with foreign men implies the loss of a considerable layer of women’s population for the Russian society. This factor undermines the national security of the nation, reduces the number of marriages between native citizens of the Russian Federation and harms the gene pool of the nation.

There simply is no comparison between the vast majority of American women and the vast majority of women from the FSU! If you want to be happy for the rest of your life and married to a beautiful, intelligent woman who will value you, your family and herself then go out and find her in Russia.

There were actually no marriages between Russian women and foreign men until the mid 1980s. But when the iron curtain went down, this issue became rather fashionable and even prestigious. Foreign businessmen usually like Russian girls, valuing their passion for good housekeeping, sexual appeal, and of course, their beauty. Up to 30 thousand marriages like that were registered at the end of the 1980s – beginning of the 1990s.

The first day of the new rules for citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to cross Russian borders started with scandals.

In spite of the fact that the authorities of the above-mentioned republics had two months to prepare for the passport-entry regime, Russian border guards and former USSR citizens had to deal with numerous problems.

First time Travel the beauty of group tours is that they don’t actually cost much more than traveling independently. By the time you pay for your flight, hotel, ground transport, interpreter, etc. you may save nothing and you will be on your own, without the expertise of an experienced tour company to handle any difficult situations that might arise in Russia or Ukraine. Independent travelers also find scheduling individual meetings with ladies quite time consuming and frustrating as ladies are often difficult to get in touch with. And even if you have established correspondence with a lady, you never know what will happen until you meet face to face.

Going it alone alone you may you may have to rely on little marriage agencies at $ 50 per introduction, pay for interpreter, they may or may not show up, no pick up at airport, no social, no convince, third party reservations are a hassle.

Passports and Visas Passport which does not expire for 6 months after departing Russia, or Ukraine is required. Selected Post Offices accept Passport Applications. Russian visas are required. No Ukrainian visas are required for citizens of US and Canada, and starting September 1, 2005 – European Union. We will assist you in obtaining a visa through a third party.

Hint: Your US cell phone will not work in Europe. Europe uses unlocked sims chip cell-phones. You can purchase theses in the USA (must be unlocked) when you get to Europe you purchase a sims chip with a phone number for that country, then you purchase time/minutes. It is nice to have this communication capability. You will have the ability to text message a lady to meet you some where you are familiar with. Even if she does not read much English she will be able to figure the message, this works. Your apartment or hotel will not have an answering machine.

Hint Upon entering country customs officer will ask you how much money are bring in the country – reply with the correct answer. You are only allowed to bring $ 1000 for Ukraine and $ 3000 for Russia in cash without listing the sum in the customs declaration form.

Visas to Ukraine – Most citizens of countries other than USA require a visa to travel to Ukraine.

Citizens of EU, Switzerland and Liechtenstein: beginning with 1 September 2005 visas to Ukraine are not required for EU or Swiss citizens who enter Ukraine or transit through its territory for the period of time of up to 90 days with a valid travel passport.

Citizens of USA and Canada beginning with July 1, 2005 visas to Ukraine are not required for the US and Canadian citizens who enter Ukraine within six months after their previous trip to Ukraine or transit through its territory for a period of up to 90 days with a valid American travel passport.

The US citizens need to make sure that their current medical insurance has coverage in Ukraine.

Citizens of Japan: beginning with August 1, 2005 visas to Ukraine are not required for the Japanese citizens who enter Ukraine or transit through its territory for a period time of up to 90 days with a valid Japanese travel passport.

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