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Top Hotels in Kyiv


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Kyiv is a bustling, administrative city, offering a hundreds of fascinating attractions. For those who wonder where to stay in Kiev, the city offers a wide selection of luxury hotels as well as budget hostels that can cater all your needs.

Hotel Bratislava embraces 1200m2 that is perhaps the largest on Kyiv.
It features also by good-quality service and pleasant stuff. On the root of the hotel, business entertaining center can be found. The history of the hotel dates back from 1989.

Hotel Hyatt Regency Kiev

Hyatt hotel chains are very popular over the world, Kyiv is no exception. Hyatt Regency hotel is the best hotel as well as the most expensive. This amazing five star hotel can be found in the heart of Kyiv, between Andreevsky spuck and Golden gate, very close to Independence square.

Hotel Kozatsky

It is not five star hotels, but for its three stars can be a good choice.
It was founded in 1983, and today the hotel attracts the visitors by its perfect location. The hotel can be found in the heart of Kiev, Independence square.

Hotel Kreschatik

The main street of Kyiv is called Kreschatik, and the hotel was named the same.It is known as the three star hotels that also has a perfect location in the downtown. Near the hotel, there is shopping center, administrative building, discos, and restaurants. Stay here; it can be very convenient whatever you need, all can be found just in one second.

Hotel Lybib

The hotel was named in honor of one sister Lybid; she was on of the founder of Kyiv. Hotel Lybid was built in 1970, and reconstructed in 2002. Today, the hotel offers Over 200 comfortable rooms and nice dinning place. In comparison with others hotels, Hotel Lybid is located a little bit far away from downtown, avenue Peremogy.

Hotel Opera

It is not old hotel, was opened just in 2006 that is known as a nice five star hotel.It is placed in an interesting, historical part of Kyiv that can be very convenient to discover the city.

Hotel Premier Palace

It is definitely the most popular hotel among the businessmen.
The hostel is considered to be a five star hotel and famous by its hospitability, rich history, high-quality service and perfect location in downtown. The prices are eye-watering but are worth.

Radisson SAS Hotel

It is a five star hotel, placed in downtown. Near the hotel, there is a wide selection of restaurant, entertainment centers, coffee shops, bars. The prices are reasonable.

Hotel Rus

It was founded in 1979, located in Cherepanovaya hill with fascinating view of the whole cultural city. Thanks to its reasonable prices, Hotel Rus is a very popular destination among a millions of tourists

Hotel Slavutich

It is a nice three star hotel that can be found on the left river bank, known also a Rusanovsky Island. For those who want to go downtown, it will take around 30 minutes by bus or 15 minutes by metro.

Hotel Dnipro is known as four star hotel, placed in downtown of Kyiv. It was founded in 1964 and still is a very popular place to stay among the newcomers. Dnipro hotel in Kyiv hosts around 186 comfortable rooms with amazing panoramic view of the city. The hotel has summer terrace, “Dnepro” restaurant, bar “Munchen”, and “Panorama Club”, placed on the 12 floor. It can be a great place to stay for a business trip as well as vocation. It was rewarded as one of the best hotel in Ukraine in France, Paris.

A River cruise is the best part of Russian travel


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With the diversity of things you can see, Russia is hailed as one of the great places to visit. Here, you can enjoy the architectural wonders of St Petersburg, the luxurious business centers and great monuments of Moscow, the various places of history and the breath-taking natural wonders. While on a Russian tour you can enjoy diverse cruises and many night attractions.

If you want to enjoy the best attractions of Russia, you should take a Russian river cruise. Travel by boat gives you several advantages. River Cruise is cheaper in Russia than travel by land. The ships ferrying visitors are very well appointed. Each is designed to carry more than 150 passengers and about 80 crew on board. The cabins are fully air-conditioned. There are facilities to play games, and attend beauty salons. The cuisine is diverse and is tailored to include the specialty of the region the ship passes through. On some river cruises, guest speakers are arranged to give the visitor a briefing about the site a visitor is about to visit.

Russian rivers are large and wide. You can even think that they are lakes. The Volga River for example is more than 3690 Kms long and is the longest river in the European Continent. More than one third of Russian population lives by the side of this great river. Though parts of the river have been affected by industrialization, many parts of the river are still un-spoilt where you can see nature in its pristine glory. This river is also home to a variety of species including many birds like the Bald eagles, Herons and others.

The most famous of the river cruises is from Moscow to St Petersburg. These two cities stand on the banks of the main waterway connecting the Baltic and black Sea. The waterway connections in Russia are somewhat complicated. These connect these two cities to five dissimilar seas and create conditions for a voyage on a river ship from north to south across Russia and Eurasia.

Russian river cruises are the most exciting parts of Russia travel. You can explore many facets of Russian history, architecture, arts and culture in these cruises. You can visit many regions of this mysterious country. They would house mosques of ancient Kazan, banks of the Black Sea, canals of Novgorod, luxurious palaces of St Petersburg and golden domes of Moscow’s churches and the fabulous museums of Moscow.

Some of the well-known and patronized river cruises in Russia are the Moscow–St Petersburg cruise, the Volga River cruise. Moscow -Astrakhan Cruise, St Petersburg–Rostov on Don Cruise, Black Sea cruise and. Yalta-Kiev Cruise.

The Moscow -St Petersburg Cruise provides visits to the historic sites of these two great cities and takes one along the Volga, Neva and Svir River, Lake Omega and Ladoga and the Baltic canal.

The Moscow–Astrakhan Cruise gives you the opportunity to see the quiet ancient town of Yaroslave along with Russian village life and craftsmanship of Uglich and Kostroma.

The Yalta–Kiev cruise starts from Yalta, the elite resort of the soviets located on the Black Sea. Explore the major seaport of Odessa. Visit Kiev, the beautiful capital of Ukraine with its relics of medieval monasteries and cathedrals.

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Different Accommodation Options in Kiev


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Kiev is the capital of Ukraine and will host the Euro 2012 Championships final. For the duration of the competition, tens of thousands visitors will travel to the urban centre from practically every areas of Europe to be part of the action.

Kiev is a great city and tourist destination but it does suffer from a lack of hotel rooms. There are a small number of superb 5* hotels such as the Hyatt Regency, Radisson and Premier Palace together with a variety of 3* and 4* hotels, some dating back to Soviet times.

The problem is they are probably not going to have enough rooms for all the officals, media and supporters who will land in Kiev in the summer of 2012. This will naturally be a difficult situation but there is an excellent answer to the probleml.

Almost everywhere in the city are a lot of apartments which are available to rent. There are various letting agents offering apartments of various sizes and areas all over the urban centre. There are ample advantages for choosing an apartment rather than a Kiev hotel.

Firstly, the service will be considerably more personal with a rental agent than with a accommodation. They are able to support you with all sorts of things such as airport shuttles and trips. Even the smallest apartments will have a lot more room than a hotel room. A good number have internet connection which is very useful for all those travelling with a laptop.

The flats also have extremely good locations near the Kiev urban centre centre. The city’s metro also helps you to get around with ease. There are plenty of small shops and supermarkets which means that food shopping is much cheaper than eating out every day as you can easlily prepare food in your flats kitchen.

Flat prices will also work out a lot cheaper than hotels so on the whole, flats should really be viewed as the minute planning your stay in Kiev in 2012.

Euro 2012 will be co-hosted by Poland & Ukraine. The final will be contested in Kiev and the lack of hotels could present a problem to visitors.

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