Go On A Black Sea Cruise For The Decisive Holiday


To sail around black Sea on a cruise ship is able to be the perfect method of seeing history-filled towns & cities in nations like Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, & Ukraine.

The Black Sea’s linked to Mediterranean Sea by the use of the Aegean Sea & by itself’ happens to be hive of cultural activity, credit to its lengthy history.

On choosing to take the Black Sea cruise it’s likely that you will require traveling to Istanbul ahead of getting to your port of exit.

Istanbul’s an amazing metropolis to witness on all holidays and is acknowledged for its mixture of eastern & western culture because of its distinctive position between Europe & Asia.

You might get the opportunity to witness the Turkish city on a night-time trip – which is able to be even more captivating compared to a daytime counterpart.

Nesseber of Bulgaria is a widespread exit point for Black Sea cruises and does offer a vast range of historical & cultural sights.

The resort city that’s also a UNESCO World Heritage site happens to be among the earliest in Europe and happens to be filled with things to witness, which include buildings & monuments dating back centuries.

The foremost stop on the cruise will almost certainly be Tulcea in Romania, a very old city having an overabundance of notable buildings to fix your eyes on, which include the Azzizie Mosque & St Nicholas’ Church, and numerous attractive museums.

You are likely to run through more than a few port halts across the Ukrainian coast, every one offering a diverse experience. Odessa happens to be ideal for the ones who feel affection for architecture, and sun-worshippers keen on relaxing on the white sand beach.

Yalta includes some fascinating religious buildings which happen to be a must-see, which include the the Sacred John Zlatoust church, the Armenian Church, & Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

The shops as well as eateries of the lively quay & the town’s striking Lenin monument happen to also be worthy of a visit.

Sevastopol’s one more well-liked stop on Black Sea cruises, credit to its beaches, parks, and numerous museums. Kherson might well interest the ones having a fondness for military times past, because it happened to originally be set up during the 18th century in the form of a fortress.

Continue read this Nesseber of Bulgaria is a widespread exit point for Black Sea cruises and does offer a vast range of historical & cultural sights. Please visit at http://www.expresstorussia.com/russian_train_tickets.html

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Capitalization Rates – Real Estate Investment Advice


Ukraine, the second largest country in East Europe, with an area of 603,628 kilometers, is bordered by the Russian federations on the north-eastern and eastern sides, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland on the western side, Belarus on the north-west and Moldova and Romania on the south-western side. A large number of international real estate investors are aware of the rapid development of Ukraine Real Estate.

ASSET PROTECTION Most real estate activity involves some risk taking. If you are buying and improving houses or buildings for resale, you will be using contractors and other parties to help with the improvements. There will be contracts signed and potential for accidents and disputes that arise out of the business activity. If you are a landlord, there is significant risk as you will have a tenant- someone living in a unit that you own.

When you take into account the fact that your business is also holding property that is of potentially significant value, there is a lot to lose if a dispute or accident occurs or a lawsuit is filed. Because of the risk profile, it is imperative that all profit generating activity be operated through an asset protection entity. There are two main choices- the limited liability company and the corporation.

Obtaining in Ukraine is quite simple and convenient. The appreciation of property rates started during early 90s after the economy of Ukraine hit rock bottom and was more prominent in larger cities like Kiev, Lviv, Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk. Following this, the prices of the resort areas in Crimea began escalating.

TAXATION What you pay in taxes makes a real difference to the bottom line of any business. Accordingly, you will want to minimize taxes and any potential for paying more to the government as much as possible.

The “opportunity cost” of deciding to tie your money up in an investment like this is also a factor investors should consider. You are potentially losing out on investing your money elsewhere by having and maintaining this property. It would be best to consider this before you choose to invest.

You will find that the capitalization rate is one very useful tool by which to determine the potential investment income over a period of a specific duration. By adding in the original property cost, it is customizable and also based on real-world fiscal figures.

SUMMARY Because of both the tax and liability consequences and the fact that business owners and investors can run and manage a limited liability company with very little formalities and paperwork, the real estate LLC is the best property and business vehicle for holding real property such as land, houses and buildings and for conducting rehabs, improvements, development and rental activity.

Paul Amos His latest website is about If you’re thinking of Refinancing your house, check out these 6 reasons why a Mortgage Refinance might be right for you

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Strategic Land Investments Can Be Smart – or Rife with “Red Flag” Problems


What are the “red flag” problems to look for in potential strategic land investments?

A sucker is born every minute. But some of the scams in land investments are so obvious that the would-be investor taken in by them must be a sucker without web access.

In the 1980s an American company called Lunar Embassy embarked on its scheme to sell one-acre plots of land on the moon for approximately $ 20US per acre. Simply put, it was a strategic land investment scam that is out of this world. The company reportedly still thrives, legally, through Internet sales, claiming 2.5 million acres sold – despite the fact the United Nations prohibited states and individuals from owning extra-terrestrial property since 1967.

That noted, contemporary land investments on Earth can be just as dodgy and have been happening since long before human space travel. Perhaps this is due to the fact that great wealth has been built on fortuitous investments in undeveloped land (the 2012 movie “The Descendants,” starring George Clooney, uses as a demonstrative sub-text the great fortunes connected to ideally-situated, once-remote property). Or, it may have to do with the idea of hidden treasure. The best example might be the Oak Island Money Pit, a Nova Scotia (Canadian Maritimes) tourist attraction that has repeatedly drawn investors to buy and attempt to excavate sinkhole land in search of fabled treasures. The deep hole on Oak Island has yet to yield treasures but myth and tourism keep the dream alive.

These ventures into space and fantasy are relatively harmless compared to land scams that target unsophisticated investors. Operating within legal limits, many land banking companies use telephone marketing techniques to contact potential investors with offers that sound too good to be true – because in fact they are. The characteristics of these modern day rip-offs include the following:

Land in a remote location, unlikely to be visited by the potential investor. Quite often the countries for these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities are Brazil, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Indonesia, Turkey or Ukraine.

The land is truly in the UK (but will not likely ever be developed). In fact there is land that is well situated near population centres where development might seem logical. Except it may be on protected greenbelt tracts, or on a steep hillside or otherwise inaccessible to roads, rendering it highly unlikely to be developed.

The land has explosive value-increase potential. The pitch is that planning permission is already guaranteed making it likely the underused farmland is about to become a five-star resort (often the pitch for sunny, seaside properties), or for a about-to-be-valuable agricultural crop (acai or cocoanut plantations in Brazil, or biofuel land in Indonesia, for examples). The investor has to ask, “if it’s such a good deal why are they offering it to anyone who answers a telephone?”

The product being sold is exotic and exists only on paper. Sometimes land is just too simple for scammers and their prey, so instead worthless paper is created to sell carbon credits, diamond rights or options thereof. Sales people will assure their targets that the contracts are honoured by the “International Court,” as if such a thing exists.

The investment will come with a 100 per cent or 1,000 per cent or greater “guaranteed return.” Who would possibly be so stupid as to turn it down? Other than the person who asks, “Why is anyone not simply hoarding this investment for his or her own gain?”In fact, legitimate land investments are available, providing excellent capital growth for investors, in the UK. But such investments require very strategic approaches made by seasoned land investment professionals. Typically, a solid land investment will require a minimum of £10,000 and make no specific promise on the ultimate return on that investment (which would violate standard financial industry ethics). Before getting involved in any kind of investment, the investor is wise to discuss it with a personal financial planner who can provide an independent evaluation.

Simply put, it was a strategic land investment scam that is out of this world. In fact, legitimate land investments are available, providing excellent capital growth for investors, in the UK.

Bukovel, Ukraine-Ski Resort 07/03/15
Tourist Attractions & Ski Resort near Ivano-Frankivsk
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Fertility Treatment Abroad for Brits


Hundreds of British couples who are ineligible for IVF treatment in the UK are going to Europe to seek treatment, according to a Europe-wide study.

The study, conducted by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), examined patients at clinics in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland. The findings revealed that 34% of British patients in the study were seeking treatment abroad due to problems with access to fertility treatment in the UK, more than any other nationality. Another commonly cited reason was lack of egg donation in the UK. Almost two thirds of those taking part were over 40 years old and unlikely to be eligible for IVF on the NHS, meaning that they would have to resort to private treatment which can cost several thousands of pounds.

According to the study, Spain and the Czech Republic are the most common destinations for British patients due to easier access to egg donation. These findings provide further evidence of the growing trend in fertility tourism in Europe. In May, Elizabeth Adeney, a businesswoman from Cambridge, became Britain’s oldest mother at 66 after undergoing fertility treatment in the Ukraine.

The strict barriers to fertility treatment in the UK appear to be a key reason for the recent surge in fertility tourism. “Access is a big reason for women from the UK. It’s very difficult for us to get funding for patients over the age of 39,” says Dr Francoise Shenfield from University College Hospital in London. “When they’re 39 or 40, they’re stuck. Britain is bad at access. We know that 75% of IVF cycles in the UK are still carried out in the private sector.”

Other barriers to NHS treatment in the UK include being obese. A study conducted by Dr Jan Willem van der Steeg of the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam found that obese women (with a BMI of over 35) are 26% to 43% less likely to conceive than women within an average BMI range of 21 to 29.

One concern about the recent surge in fertility tourism is that women travelling abroad may be more likely to have multiple pregnancies, and therefore have a greater risk of experiencing complications during pregnancy. According to Claire Lewis-Jones, of Infertility Network UK, “If patients could access treatment in the UK, many would not be forced to consider going abroad. It is absolutely vital that anyone considering travelling abroad should do some thorough research beforehand as the rules and regulations abroad can be totally different from that in the UK.”

DuoFertility – Fertility Monitor – http://www.duofertility.com

Affordable, High Quality Accommodations at Kiev Apartments – 40% Off Star Hotel Prices in Kiev, Ukraine


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Tourists planning to vacation in Kiev, the capital and one of the largest and most populous cities in Ukraine can now enjoy world class accommodations at Kiev Apartments, saving about 40% off downtown Kiev hotel prices in the process.
Professionally managed Kiev Apartments has quickly expanded since its inception and now offers a wide range of fully serviced, furnished, studio apartments, one bedroom apartments and two bedroom apartments. Apartments are available on a nightly basis and special packages are also available for three night stays and weeklong stays. Tourists interested in booking accommodations at Kiev Apartments can choose and book an apartment at http://www.accommodation.kiev.ua/.
Booking a service apartment at Kiev Apartments
To proceed with a booking, one can first browse the service apartments available, at the homepage of Kiev Apartments. As on date, the company manages 9 Studio apartments, 15 One-Bedroom apartments and 5 Two-Bedroom apartments.
Interested parties can contact +38 044 238 2603 or email management at service@aparthotel.kiev.ua. Once an apartment has been decided upon, customers can render payment and pick up the keys to the apartment at the main office of Kiev Apartments, located at 9A-Mykhailivsky Road, Office #3, Grata Apartments, Kiev, Ukraine.
Payments for serviced apartments are accepted in cash, by Western Union money transfers, online bank transfers and credit card payments. Customers paying with credit should note that Kiev Apartments charges a 4% extra surcharge.
Check in time in 1PM and check out time in 12PM, although management usually accommodates late check-ins and early checkouts, by providing customers with up to a 50% discount on nightly rentals.
Sampling of Prices
Kiev Apartments has a diverse mix of apartments that range from 5 Star hotel quality to 3 Star hotel quality as well. Prices are extremely competitive. Here’s a sampling of the type of pricing available at Kiev Apartments.
Studio Apartments
* One night stays ranging from 43 Euros to 92 Euros per night
* 3+ night stays ranging from 40 Euros to 88 Euros per night
* 7+ night stays ranging from 38 Euros to 80 Euros per night
One Bedroom Apartments
* One night stays ranging from 50 Euros to 129 Euros per night
* 3+night stays ranging from 47 Euros to 117 Euros per night
* 7+night stays ranging from 45 Euros to 110 Euros per night
Two Bedroom Apartments
* One night stays ranging from 87 Euros to 145 Euros per night
* 3+night stays ranging from 83 Euros to 138 Euros per night
* 7+night stays ranging from 78 Euros to 132 Euros per night
All apartments come with complementary Wi-Fi access. Other facilities will depend on the type of serviced apartment chosen by customers. Almost all apartments are located within just a stone’s throw away from bustling attractions in Kiev City, such as Kreshchatyk, the Premier Palace Hotel and the St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery.
Most apartments have dedicated car parking spaces allocated to guests. Kiev Apartments also arranges car rentals for guests, at additional rates. Customers can put down a deposit of 500 Euros and rent cars at rates that vary from 55 Euros to 90 Euros, per night.
Additionally, Kiev Apartments also offers transfer services to its clients, with guests having the ability to request transportation to the airport or railway station, at additional but nominal rates.
Interested tourists can take advantage of Kiev Apartments’s all round accommodation and guest services, by visiting www.accommodation.kiev.ua.