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Apartments in Yalta – The Top Resort City of Crimea


Yalta, a worldwide known resort city of Crimea, has a lot of good apartments to rent for a comfortable stay during your holiday there. Located at the tip of the diamond-shaped peninsula at the southern side of Crimea on the coast of the Black sea, Yalta is one of the top travel destinations not just for the local Ukrainians and Russians, but for a decent number of foreign travelers every year. One of the attractions of Yalta is natural health spas rich in minerals.

Yalta, also known as ‘Greater Yalta’, was a leading recreational center in the former Soviet Union. After the Soviet collapse, Crimea became a part of Ukraine and shortly it declared as an autonomous republic state, with its own Parliament and Government. Yalta includes 9 villages and 21 towns that are organized into 7 communities. Apart from the pebble beaches and mountain ranges, other places near Yalta that attract so many travelers are: Nikitsky botanical garden, Livadia Palace, Vorontsov Palace and of course the Swallow’s Nest Castle which is considered to be the symbol of Yalta and of Crimea. Yalta has its own historical importance – everyone heard of the Yalta Conference during World War II. Finally, Yalta is one of the leading business and agriculture centers of Crimea. Wine-making is another major activity in Yalta, other than tourism. The Yalta region is famous for its top quality wine products.

Yalta is well connected with Simferopol, the capital city of Crimea, through a mountain road. It is also connected with other coastal cities of that region by sea routes. The trolleybus route from Simferopol to Yalta is the longest one in Europe, which takes the route through the scenic mountain ranges. Yalta can also be reached from Simferopol by taxi, making the 100km trip more comfortable and faster.

Yalta has got a lot of apartments to rent, situated in the prime locations of the city. One can find apartments in the immediate vicinity to the beaches, with very good sea views as well as with nice views to Yalta. All the apartments have excellent amenities for a comfortable stay – like a full kitchen with separate dining room, 1 or 2 bed-rooms, bath tub, cable or satellite TV, Internet access and more. The price is normally higher during the high season, i.e. in July-August, while it is less during off seasons. In September-October, you can expect to pay $ 60-90 for a luxury apartment.

Apartments in Yalta are of all possible types: one-bed room, double-bed room, studio-kind of apartments and others. Some of them have good sea views, or beautiful views to the mountains and the city. There are affordable apartments available in an amicable living environment, within a 5 – 10 minute walk to the beaches or to the shopping center of Yalta. Private beaches in the nearby locality are managed by the hotel networks and you may have to pay to use them. Also, the municipal beach is open for all.

Alupka is one another city near Yalta in the same municipality. One can find good beaches and decent apartments for rent in Alupka as well. During the high season, when one may face difficulties with accommodation available in Yalta, Alupka would be a good alternate. Both Yalta and Alupka are well connected by the public transport running between the cities.

Yalta, a famous resort city of Crimea, is worthy of your consideration, should you look for a new place to spend your coming holiday this summer. As far as accommodation is concerned, Yalta apartments for rent would be the right choice for those who like privacy and do not want to pay too much for hotel rooms.

Danya is expert author of tourist industry. According to her – Yalta provides decent accommodation and great living environment, with a good Yalta apartment.

Simferopol of Crimea – Simply exotic tourist spot


Simferopol is known as the capital city of Crimea, the transport hub, the political and economic center of Crimea. It is also an exotic tourist spot. Located in the south-most middle of Crimea, this city is full of attractive destinations to make a perfect holiday. People also visit Simferopol for the study purpose as it has several universities of a high reputation: first of all, Tavrida National University and Crimean State Medical University.

Simferopol is situated on the banks of the Salgir River emerging from the Crimean Mountains. The Crimean Mountain range is easily accessible from Simferopol; thus, providing a fantastic opportunity for outdoor adventures – like mountaineering, hiking and trekking. One can find a number of good travel agencies that organize guided tours, trekking programs, excursions and sight-seeing in Simferopol.

Simferopol has a rich historical background. It was once a home to native Crimean Tartars who called this city as Aqmescit or AkMechet or “The White Mosque”. The history of Simferopol even dates back to 3rd century BC when it was inhibited by Scythians. The Scythian Neapol, which is the ancient remnant of the Scythian reign, still exists in Simferopol and is a good option for sight-seeing. There are other places like Saint Troitsky Monastery, that are also worthy to watch.

The Crimean Mountain ranges near to Simferopol are known for its richness in the depth of flora. One can find a lot of pine, peach and oak trees in these ranges. Tourists love to trek on the forest pathways and get engrossed by the nature. There are also remnants of interesting ancient cave-dwellings dating back to Middle Ages of Europe, that were once inhabited by the Jews and other kinds of colonies. Magnup-Kale is such a cave city situated near Simferopol. The ancient dwellers used these caves for storage and military units or as tombs, prisons. Other interesting cave-dwellings found near Simferopol are Chufut-Kale and Eski-Kerman. Though it is officially banned, there are some people who stay in these caves for weeks, performing Yoga or Meditation. They claim that they get a mystical relaxation in these ancient cave-dwellings.

The largest city of Crimea, Simferopol is also the transport hub to various destinations within Ukraine as well as internationally. It has the only international airport in Crimea – Simferopol State International Airport. The time chart can be found in many websites. Simferopol has the biggest train station of Crimea. Every year millions of travelers go through Simferopol to the Crimean resorts and other travel locations of Crimea. It has also well-laid out road route to the southern coastal cities of Crimea. The train tickets are pretty cheap in Ukraine, costing around $ 20 for an overnight train. We bet you heard of Yalta, – the most well-known resort city of Crimea. Simferopol and Yalta are also known for the longest in Europe trolleybus line, that connects these two Crimean cities – Simferopol and Yalta. The whole route is laid amid the scenic locations of the Crimean Mountain range.

Simferopol has world class institutes and universities that teach a variety of subjects, including Russian language, medicine, agriculture and many others. Every year lots of students come to Simferopol for their studies, as Crimea and Ukraine have visa-free regime for US and EU citizens. Simferopol is also the economic and administrative center of Crimea, thus is crowded by all class of travelers all the year round.

Danya is expert author of tourist industry. According to her – Simferopol is a perfect destination in Crimea to start an exciting vacation tour across Crimea.