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A River cruise is the best part of Russian travel


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With the diversity of things you can see, Russia is hailed as one of the great places to visit. Here, you can enjoy the architectural wonders of St Petersburg, the luxurious business centers and great monuments of Moscow, the various places of history and the breath-taking natural wonders. While on a Russian tour you can enjoy diverse cruises and many night attractions.

If you want to enjoy the best attractions of Russia, you should take a Russian river cruise. Travel by boat gives you several advantages. River Cruise is cheaper in Russia than travel by land. The ships ferrying visitors are very well appointed. Each is designed to carry more than 150 passengers and about 80 crew on board. The cabins are fully air-conditioned. There are facilities to play games, and attend beauty salons. The cuisine is diverse and is tailored to include the specialty of the region the ship passes through. On some river cruises, guest speakers are arranged to give the visitor a briefing about the site a visitor is about to visit.

Russian rivers are large and wide. You can even think that they are lakes. The Volga River for example is more than 3690 Kms long and is the longest river in the European Continent. More than one third of Russian population lives by the side of this great river. Though parts of the river have been affected by industrialization, many parts of the river are still un-spoilt where you can see nature in its pristine glory. This river is also home to a variety of species including many birds like the Bald eagles, Herons and others.

The most famous of the river cruises is from Moscow to St Petersburg. These two cities stand on the banks of the main waterway connecting the Baltic and black Sea. The waterway connections in Russia are somewhat complicated. These connect these two cities to five dissimilar seas and create conditions for a voyage on a river ship from north to south across Russia and Eurasia.

Russian river cruises are the most exciting parts of Russia travel. You can explore many facets of Russian history, architecture, arts and culture in these cruises. You can visit many regions of this mysterious country. They would house mosques of ancient Kazan, banks of the Black Sea, canals of Novgorod, luxurious palaces of St Petersburg and golden domes of Moscow’s churches and the fabulous museums of Moscow.

Some of the well-known and patronized river cruises in Russia are the Moscow–St Petersburg cruise, the Volga River cruise. Moscow -Astrakhan Cruise, St Petersburg–Rostov on Don Cruise, Black Sea cruise and. Yalta-Kiev Cruise.

The Moscow -St Petersburg Cruise provides visits to the historic sites of these two great cities and takes one along the Volga, Neva and Svir River, Lake Omega and Ladoga and the Baltic canal.

The Moscow–Astrakhan Cruise gives you the opportunity to see the quiet ancient town of Yaroslave along with Russian village life and craftsmanship of Uglich and Kostroma.

The Yalta–Kiev cruise starts from Yalta, the elite resort of the soviets located on the Black Sea. Explore the major seaport of Odessa. Visit Kiev, the beautiful capital of Ukraine with its relics of medieval monasteries and cathedrals.

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Go On A Black Sea Cruise For The Decisive Holiday


To sail around black Sea on a cruise ship is able to be the perfect method of seeing history-filled towns & cities in nations like Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, & Ukraine.

The Black Sea’s linked to Mediterranean Sea by the use of the Aegean Sea & by itself’ happens to be hive of cultural activity, credit to its lengthy history.

On choosing to take the Black Sea cruise it’s likely that you will require traveling to Istanbul ahead of getting to your port of exit.

Istanbul’s an amazing metropolis to witness on all holidays and is acknowledged for its mixture of eastern & western culture because of its distinctive position between Europe & Asia.

You might get the opportunity to witness the Turkish city on a night-time trip – which is able to be even more captivating compared to a daytime counterpart.

Nesseber of Bulgaria is a widespread exit point for Black Sea cruises and does offer a vast range of historical & cultural sights.

The resort city that’s also a UNESCO World Heritage site happens to be among the earliest in Europe and happens to be filled with things to witness, which include buildings & monuments dating back centuries.

The foremost stop on the cruise will almost certainly be Tulcea in Romania, a very old city having an overabundance of notable buildings to fix your eyes on, which include the Azzizie Mosque & St Nicholas’ Church, and numerous attractive museums.

You are likely to run through more than a few port halts across the Ukrainian coast, every one offering a diverse experience. Odessa happens to be ideal for the ones who feel affection for architecture, and sun-worshippers keen on relaxing on the white sand beach.

Yalta includes some fascinating religious buildings which happen to be a must-see, which include the the Sacred John Zlatoust church, the Armenian Church, & Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

The shops as well as eateries of the lively quay & the town’s striking Lenin monument happen to also be worthy of a visit.

Sevastopol’s one more well-liked stop on Black Sea cruises, credit to its beaches, parks, and numerous museums. Kherson might well interest the ones having a fondness for military times past, because it happened to originally be set up during the 18th century in the form of a fortress.

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