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Ukraine Tourist Destinations for Amazing Holiday Tour

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by TijsB

Ukraine is a country which has numerous tourist attractions, like churches, landscapes, beaches, mountains, old buildings and archaeological sites. It is the largest country of Europe with Kiev as its capital. Ukraine tourist destinations with their vivid qualities and attractions draw many tourists every year.

Kiev, the capital city of Ukraine is a scenic city situated on Dnieper River. This city has many historical landmarks such as Miss St. Sophia Cathedral, which is the oldest standing church in Kiev. This church was built in 11th century and is home to country’s finest frescoes and mosaics. This city also has many museums, shopping malls and palaces.

Lviv is a city with magnificent architecture all preserved in its original form. It is the capital city of Western Ukraine. Some of the popular sites are; 19th century Town Hall and Old Town. Khotyn Fortress is situated in Khotyn and was constructed by Prince Vladinir Sviatoslavich in the 10th century. This historic place connects Ponyzia to Kiev and Scandinavia.

Carpathian Mountains are considered to be one of the major Ukraine tourist destinations. The most famous resort of Carpathian Mountain is Yaremche. Here you can enjoy hiking to the alpine meadow which is full of fleshy berries and also the beautiful waterfall “Huk”. Kosiv is a picturesque town nestled in the land of high mountains of Hutsulshchyna. Here you can spend time in peace and tranquility.

Yalta, situated at north coast of Black Sea is home to numerous health resorts. It also features places like Nikitsky Botanical Garden, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the Armenian Church. The Livadia Palace which is found in Yalta promotes the Neo-Renaissance architecture with 116 rooms and elegant furnishings. Here guests will find an Arabic Patio, Florentine tower and the Exaltation of the Cross. Kiev Pechersk Lavra also known as Kiev Monastery of the Caves was built in 1015. This place features the Great Church of the Trinity and the Great Lavra Belltower. It also has Museum of Ukrainian Folk Art and the State Historical Library. Sofiyivsky Park situated in Cherkasy Oblast was constructed in 1796. This place is one of the most popular garden parks in the world. Here you will get to see many fountains and waterfalls. Ukraine tourist destinations will be perfect destinations for those who like nature and architecture.

Some common ingredients of Ukrainian cuisine are herbs, berries, meats, mushrooms, vegetables and fruits. The bread is the staple food in Ukraine and is also known as the “breadbasket of Europe”. Therefore it is true to say that the Ukraine tourist destinations with their vivid beauty and charm are worth the visit.

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