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Seven Best Places To Invest In The Property Downturn


Joe Upchurch, director of Aston Lloyd said, The obvious attraction of buying in an emerging market is that prices are generally low and if you are buying purely for investment in the areas we have identified, things are bound to change.

“We have highlighted the negatives as well as the positives. Each area is not without risk but with due diligence, you should be able to avoid the pitfalls. Owning something in these areas may not impress your neighbours just yet, but in a few years they may well be jealous.”

Below is a snap shot of the report:

1. Slovakia: key emerging market in the European Union, the country’s property prices have risen by 100 percent since 2004, its capital Bratislava has 129 percent of the EU average GDP.

Where to invest: Central Bratislava where yields are high. Gross yields on 100 sqm and 120 sqm apartments are around 10.1 percent.

Watch out for: Minor land issues caused by unsolved heritage disputes prior to 1989 may require a prolonged acquisition procedure.

2. China: Home to 21 percent of the world’s population and forecast to be larger than the US economy by 2045, already the world’s second largest economy based on Purchasing Power Parity.

Where to invest: Shanghai with an increasing demand for high-end property.

Watch out for: Consult with solicitors on precise property rights as given the communist government’s policies, certain property rights are not guaranteed.

3. Northern Cyprus: Plans for reunification with the Republic of Cyprus, combined with average annual economic growth of 12.7 percent since 2003 and annual capital appreciation of 25 percent over the past two years, Northern Cyprus is a key property hotspot.

Where to invest: Bogaz – the coastal fishing village is the hot spot for investment. It is popular for its beaches, sought after restaurants and its strategic location near Famugusta.

Watch out for: With the division of the island in 1974 and the forced removal of residents in certain areas, some claims to property may exist if the island division is settled and displaced northern Cypriots return from the South. Buy through a reputable investment company who guarantee no such claims exist on the property under sale.

4. Ukraine: The second largest economy amongst the former Soviet States, with a predicted sustained GDP growth of 5 percent per annum through to 2010.

Ukrainian property in some areas is now priced higher than Warsaw and Amsterdam. Great potential for property investors for some time to come.

Where to invest: Kiev, has a growing expatriate community, and an increasing demand created for high standard builds in the capital. Prices have been driven up by demand. Supply to meet demand has not been sufficient, indicating that there is still room for investment.

Watch out for: Levels of corruption are high so a competent solicitor is essential. Taxes are also moderate to high. Gross rental income stands at 15 percent while leasing a property is subject to 20 percent VAT.

5. Bulgaria: a full member of the EU and tipped to receive over 8.8bn pounds in EU development funding to 2013.

Where to invest: Sofia, the capital city and home to majority of Bulgaria’s 200,000 millionaires, prices rose 35.21 percent in 2007 – a strong property investment.

Varna is the summer capital of Bulgaria. Euro 30 million invested in villas, apartments, shops and marinas. A lucrative area to invest, particularly in the holiday sector.

Watch out for: Closing costs are high (VAT, municipal tax, notary fees, registration fees and agent commission are paid by the buyer). Costs incurred by the buyer can therefore be up to 25 percent. There is also rental income tax so investors should make sure their investment returns profitable yields.

6. Turkey: Average annual growth rate of 7.3 percent since 2004, Turkey has established itself as a leading emerging market for property investors.

Burgeoning tourist industry and planned reforms ahead of its EU accession, poised to become one of the world’s top 10 economies by 2050.

Where to buy: Belek, Turkey’s golfing mecca with plans to add up to 15 golf courses to its range of 5-star golf retreats over the coming years, Belek is bathed in sunshine for 320 days a year. Property investment has increased by 40 percent since 2005.

Bodrum, the yachting and tourism hub of the country where property prices have risen by 30 percent over the past two years.

Altinkum is cheaper than Bodrum yet 90 minutes drive by car from the prime investment resort town offering varied opportunities for on-sell and lettings.

Watch out for: check the planning so you don’t have ugly builds near your investment; ensure that property for sale is accompanied by title deeds and make sure you get a competent solicitor to explain the terms before making the decision to purchase.

7. Poland: Poised to become the manufacturing hub of Europe, it has experienced economic growth of 6.3 percent since 2006 with a low inflation rate of 2.5 percent in 2007. The country’s housing market is significantly larger than other European emerging markets and mortgages are easier to obtain.

Where to buy: Warsaw, high housing demand and profitable long-stay rental properties.

Krakow, well suited for rental investor with a housing supply that does not meet the demands of its high earning population.

The Tri-City – three adjacent towns of Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot lie on the coast of the Gdansk Bay of the Baltic Sea and attract considerable inward investment from companies looking to recruit due to its wealth of educated professionals. Sopot ranks as Poland’s ‘best places to live’ by Polityka magazine.

Watch out for: Growth in Warsaw potentially unsustainable; increased due diligence on behalf of investors as some vendors offering inflated prices taking advantage of the boom in foreign speculative buying.

This article was provided by Fly-2let.co.uk – a leading UK based overseas property investment website which specialises in investment homes overseas.

For more information please visit http://www.fly-2let.co.uk.

The Beauty Of Owning A Quinta Do Lago Property


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The Algarve region of Portugal has long been a well-liked pace to visit by vacationers from Britain, Germany, Netherlands and Ireland and over the last half-century; many visitors have even bought property in this charming region. There are even some English language publications established in this area that largely cater to the big expatriate community. Quinta do Lago Property is among the most desired by people looking for a new home in Portugal.

Quinta do Lago property is bordered by Atlantic beaches and benefits from the natural assets and protected status of the Ria Formosa Nature Park. Bird watchers are delighted to discover one of the most important wetlands in Europe, with 75 species of indigenous and migrating birds. Colonies of pink flamingos are some of the most striking.

It is no mystery why people choose to vacation and invest in Quinta do Lago property for sale in the Algarve region. In addition to the beaches such as Praia da Marinha and Armacao de Pera, there is a lovely spa town called Caldas de Monchique, and golf enthusiasts love the great network of golf courses in the area. Perhaps the most famous golf course is Quinta do Lago, which was built in 1974, and which is host to the Portugal Open golf tournament. The mild, Mediterranean climate allows for golf year-round. It is also known as a safe vacation region, and the costs are more reasonable than many comparable European destinations.

If you are a European citizen, then you will have no trouble buying Quinta do Lago property because it is located in the country of Portugal which is a member of the European Union. As a matter of fact, tourism is a huge part in the economy in Algarve. There are seasonal jobs that are generally filled by immigrant workers from Ukraine, Cape Verde, and Brazil. Algarve gets very busy during the summer months and the population spikes from 400,000 permanent residents to over one million during the high season, however the beaches of Rio Formosa are big enough that overcrowding is not a concern.

Quinta do Lago property is highly coveted among Europeans for vacation homes. Quinta do Lago property for sale includes apartments, land parcels, town houses, and villas. Golfers love these homes, whether for year-round use, or just for vacations. Apartments in the region can be found for less than 300,000, while larger town houses go for half a million Euros or so, and luxury villas go for several million Euros. There are still some small building plots to be found in the area, but they are somewhat scarce.

As far as the Quinta do Lago resort itself, this 800 acre estate has miles and miles of Atlantic beaches, pine forests, and, of course, golf. Because it is part of the UNESCO Ria Formosa bird sanctuary, building is closely restricted, ensuring that Quinta do Lago property for sale remains beautiful and unspoiled forever. It also makes investment in real estate here very prosperous.

All the residential sections on the resort, no matter if they are single villa homes or apartment buildings are designed with special features that compliment the estates focal point, whether it is the golf course, a lake, or the forest. The Quinta do Lago General Plan of Urbanization is the organization that manages the allotment of land parcels for single villas, mixed development, and commercial districts and tourist towns. Places that house short term vacationers are even closely monitored also with the Pinheiros Altos, part of the JJW Hotels and Resorts Group, and the 5-star Hotel Quinta do Lago, which used to be owned by Orient Express Hotels.

There are tons of excellent reasons to buy Quinta do Lago property. Aside from the regions beautiful scenery and great weather, the region is anticipating steady investment growth in the next ten years due to the baby boomers retiring soon and looking for the best places to retire. The present economic situation has not been the best, however that is the short-term situation, and the demand for land in very popular spots like Algarve shows great potential for growth. Investing in a Quinta do Lago property makes it the perfect place for both development to be handled as well as not ruining the natural beauty that lures people there in the first place.

Thinking about owning a dream Quinta do lago property, then visit Christiano Cruz’s video on how to choose the best property in Quinta do lago for your needs.

Stability in Sunny Beach Points to Property Value Growth


2011 has ushered in a new period that has seen early stabilisation, and now growth. 2010 also saw an increase in the number of properties for sale, without much of a corresponding increase in sales closed. Of course, this led to the softening of prices, as there were more properties for sale in the market than there were buyers to purchase them. Simple supply and demand mechanics brought the prices down.

However, there has been a recent increase in the number of deals closed, and market watchers have noticed that property prices have held steady and, in some cases, actually begun to increase again. Interest has picked up in holiday apartments, many of which are clustered around the resort area of Sunny Beach. Sunny Beach properties that are well maintained and attractively priced are finding buyers. In fact, several properties have had more than one buyer wishing to purchase, something we have not seen since the beginning of this market downturn.

New buyers are eying the Sunny Beach real estate market, as well. Purchasers from Russia, the Ukraine, China, and Japan are all demonstrating interest in a market that has not been well represented before. Of course, additional buyers will begin to put pressure on the demand side of the equation, and since prices already appear to have stabilised, we should begin to see upward pressure within the next few months. There has already been a price increase of around 2% for apartments in Sofia, the capital city. While resort locations like Sunny Beach tend to lag behind the trends for primary residence ownership, they do follow them, so it should not be long before prices begin to rise for property in Sunny Beach.

The number of deals is already showing a slight increase, and prices have averaged between 500 and 1,300 (440 to 1150) per square metre. This is a slight decrease from 2009 and early 2010, but is virtually the same as the prior quarter this year, meaning that we have likely seen the bottom of the market. Now is likely the best time to investigate the purchase of property in Bulgaria, and specifically the Sunny Beach Black Sea location. With even more equity than ever in their primary residence from staying put during the downturn, buyers are now better credit risks than before the downturn and will be offered better loan terms, should they require a loan.

With property values holding steady or growing, now is the best time to look around and find a piece of paradise in Sunny Beach that can be your private getaway. Many of these properties can be let when you are not in Bulgaria, as well, bringing you a steady source of income throughout the year. Buy at the low point of the market and lock in your profits for tomorrow with the purchase of a lovely Sunny Beach property!

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